• young boy colour portrait in swimming pool Kenya
  • young girl Stourhead Wiltshire summer colour portrait
  • black & white portrait young girl London
  • young boy in window frame back light colour portrait
  • family of four girls, formal colour portrait, The Grange, Northington Hampshire in summer
  • twin pregnancy colour portrait backlit window South London
  • black & white portrait twins, South London
  • colour portraits young children Hampshire & London
  • colour portrait three girls laughing in Hampshire in Spring
  • thoughtful young boy black & white portrait in chair backlit North London
  • laughing colour portrait young boy with glasses in Hampshire
  • family portrait of three children, black & white laughter, West London

I was obsessed by portrait photography even before my own children arrived - now I'm even more so.  How better to  capture those fleeting moments of childhood?   I know how happy it makes me to have gorgeous photos of my kids, and I get enormous pleasure from the reactions of my clients, many of whom return year after year to update their family portraits.

I love to create classic, uncluttered images which reveal something of your child's personality and spirit.   I recognize that it isn’t always easy to relax in front of the camera and because  I aim to capture the natural expressions, genuine looks, smiles and laughter that you know and love, your child needs to be relaxed and engaged in something interesting.    Sitting still and ‘cheesing’ for the camera does not qualify!    My sessions give children the time and space they need to feel comfortable in front of the camera and there’s never any pressure to ‘perform’:  I want the session itself to be as memorable as the images you enjoy years from now.

Take a look at the galleries and featured portraits to get an idea of my style.