Zoe & Bobby – married

I first met Zoe when she saw an album of mine at White House Brides and the first meeting involved coffee, cuddling her gorgeous baby daughter Phoebe and in-depth chat about a great deal other than her forthcoming wedding.   You just know, don't you, when you've met a kindred spirit.    The path to the wedding wasn't entirely plain sailing but I never met anyone who could handle life's vicissitudes with such calm and good humour.   She's a coper, a looker-after, and has the legs of a baby giraffe.   

Fast forward to January this year - a chilly day with a smattering of snow (sadly not the photogenic type, especially as their lovely house seems to sit in its own cosy ecosystem), a tipi in the garden and a banquet for intimate friends, family, and a scrumptious bunch of small flower girls.   The wedding came just a few weeks before a move to the US, so Zoe kept herself busy in between table plans with organising a container, packing boxes, making lists and a few other minor jobs.

She's lovely, and she's practical too:  this was definitely the first time I have been called upon to remove a bride's stockings before the ceremony because they were slipping down - far too distracting.  You can imagine how cold my hands were.  And when there was a momentary blackout it was she, rather than the many capable blokes around, who got stuck into the generator.    

Have a safe journey Zoe, Bobby & Phoebe - I'll miss you x

Marquee: The Stunning Tents Company

Catering: Caper & Berry

Bouquet, posies and buttonholes: The Blacksmiths daughter, Petersfield

Ring: Jeremy France, Winchester

Hair & make-up: Suzanne Dusek


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