Ashden head shots

I’m a huge fan of The Week magazine and have subscribed since it launched many years ago.   One of the features which has always caught my eye is the ‘Boring But Important’ column – always brief, always relevant, and yes, sometimes a little worthy.

Jobs like this can fall into the same category – a series of head shots to freshen and improve a website – straightforward, not especially creative, but really worth doing properly.    Ashden is a brilliant and inspiring charity that champions and supports the leaders in sustainable energy to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world and I love the way they’ve used the head shots to give such a clear and approachable guide to the people that make it happen – here’s their ‘people page’ .

2015-02-13_0001 2015-02-13_0002


Cleverly Wrapped

This amazing businesswoman, wife and mother has moved back to the UK after a long stint overseas and with all her children at school, is not the sort of person who can sit idle.   She’s also well versed in all things fashion and retail, having worked her way from the Gap shopfloor all the way up to the higher echelons of the White Company.   Highly organized, driven, and super-stylish, she’s set up a new online boutique selling designer scarves Whilst it’s important to view the product, she felt it was also important for people to see and get to know a little more about her story and motivation.   I know I’m more likely to buy from a small company like this (small for now only, she has ambitious plans) if there’s an approachable, intelligent person behind it.   She is especially keen to support local designers, and can be seen here discussing scarves with whose wonderful designs she stocks.

You can read more about Harriet’s story here and see what she thought of the experience here.