Emma & Peter

Ah, this 21st century dating thing..  It feels like most of my couples have met at university, at school, at playgroup... but these two are different.   Having led very different lives, and with absolutely no likelihood of ever crossing paths, they idly logged on to Tinder one evening in London, and KERPOW that was it.   (I wonder how many Tinder marriages there now are?)   Peter even calls Emma his Tinderella - once there might have been some kind of stigma attached to internet dating - now that couldn't be further from the case.   These two are perfectly suited, and blissfully happy, and how lucky they are..   

But the RAIN, dammit.  Not just a short shower, but relentless, drenching, tedious, unforgiving rain - I think Alanis Morissette wrote a song about it.   The only people who got outside all day were the ushers, who enjoyed some of Tim's legendary hospitality at the Yew Tree - that was it.   I think I might invest in one of those headband umbrellas for moments like this:  one of my camera bodies even decided to pack up after it got too wet.  (Stressful? Nah - even the back up has back up).   But as Billy Connolly famously observed - there's no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing.  

And if you're wondering why the best man looks so familiar, you'd be right.   None other than TV funnyman Rob Brydon, whose speech caused several guests' faces to contort in helpless paralysed laughter - truly the funniest speech I've heard in many years.   As you'd expect.    Amazing food from my old favourite Georgie at Mange 2 and for me the highlight - Rob joining up with the brilliant Millie & Tim of Saloon Star for a few numbers to the surprise and delight of all the guests (and most of the waiting staff).   Work?  Not really...  x

Make up: Lucy Baker

Dress:  Stewart Parvin

Catering and event design:  Mange 2

Music: Saloon Star

Cake: Final Touch

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