Weddings come in all different shapes and sizes, and the format of an early ceremony followed by summer lunch in the sunshine and departure in the early evening is ideal if you want all the generations to share the day.   Marina was the last of her siblings to marry, and her mother’s immense pride to see her youngest looking so gloriously happy in a stunning Philippa Lepley dress was plain to see. The tiny church of St Peter’s, Ovington was far too small for the many guests who had a second ‘church’ marquee of their own 100 yards away, and their cheers were relayed to those who were inside the building.   Glorious food from local caterers Mange 2 who never fail to impress and a dazzling warm afternoon with beautiful backlight made for an unforgettable day.

'We all thought you were completely wonderful at the wedding, you appeared and disappeared all over the place and yet when you were determined to get hold of what was required you managed to get everyone together with firm discipline; it was terrific to watch.   I loved it when you were with Marina as she dressed, it was a very special moment and one that I would not have attached such importance to unless you had said how much it might mean.  I think you managed to calm her down after the excitement of the morning and I have to say I have never seen her as serene and happy and certain of her future as she appeared on that happiest of days.

Thank you, thank you for all you did to enhance our family occasion.'

Sarah Thorne