Sophie & Freddie

If you're Big in Japan (as these two are) you might baulk at the idea of organising the quintessential English country wedding at such a distance. But then you would have reckoned without a formidable team of mothers, sister and girlfriends aided and abetted by the wonders of modern communications technology.   Not for Sophie those long champagne-fuelled wedding shop visits and bridesmaid summits - in fact all of the unofficial bridesmaids had no prior knowledge of The Dress, and were surprised and amazed by its unexpected sleeveless style.   But if you've managed to pull off Michelle-Obama-style upper arms in the run-up to your wedding, why wouldn't you want to show them off?    

(The boys, meanwhile, had travelled to Spain for a little light bull-fighting.  Yes;  bull-fighting.  MoG not best pleased when younger brother George returned with an arm in plaster, but it could have been so much worse...)

This was a local (five minutes from home, might be a record) and largely home-grown affair - I arrived to shoot the preparations to find a team of bridesmaids sweeping, arranging, potting, weeding, decorating and gently perspiring.   Sophie's sister Victoria in particular takes the credit for the stunning marquee interior and table design - and all those table decorations came from the garden which was in fullest bloom.    The doves released after the service were borrowed from a friend next door so wouldn't have taken long to get home... Even the cake was made by Sophie's aunt - and was surrounded by (not quite sure how many) candles as they'd chosen Freddie's birthday as their wedding - that'll be useful in future.

I love this crowd - so happy to see Daisy & Willsy from their amazing tropical wedding last year returning Best Man honours, and a bunch of Bristol University folk I've gone on to see several times over the course of this wedding season.  And so glad to say that Sophie made a speech - you'd be amazed how rare it is.   I've been doing this job for over 15 years, and have only heard four brides speak at their own wedding.  One of them was me. 

Make up:   Charlotte Cowan

Dress:  Brides of Winchester

Florist: Heather Coulter

Marquee:  Pole to Pole  

DJ: Hey Mr Wilson

Film: James Hollingsworth at Digi-Scope

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