There have been only a handful of weddings in the many years that I’ve been doing this job where it has genuinely rained ceaselessly ALL day.   Very few: and this was one of them. I try to reassure the bride in the morning that rain is auspicious, and that it can’t possibly rain without stopping (both dubious claims), but ultimately it doesn’t matter. The weather is not the thing you’ll remember in years to come.   Rather than show you endless summery perfect weddings, I thought you might like to see what happens when it’s very wet and how it’s possible to cope with conditions like this even if the adrenalin might flow faster and rapid adjustments may be needed..   Anna & Eli were totally unfazed and their happiness and excitement was infectious.   Their favourite photographs made it into a stunning Queensberry album.

'As our one-year anniversary approaches I wanted to drop you a line to say how much pleasure your photographs still bring us, and how much fun we have had showing our albums (big and small) to friends and family. You did us so proud on a VERY rainy day, managing to extract all the magic with none of the damp - thank you!'

Anna Mitropoulos