Where will our session take place?

Ideally, at your home.   I don’t generally use studio set ups as I work with natural light and find that babies/children are more comfortable in familiar, relaxed surroundings.   [I don’t mind about mess – I’ve got three children of my own..]   If you’ve got a special place in mind — a sunny picnic spot, a woodland walk, a local National Trust property – we will incorporate that too – there will be time for several different locations over the course of your session. (I charge 50p per mile from PO8 0TE).

if you don’t have a favourite, then I can suggest one of mine. I’m based in the most beautiful part of rural Hampshire with access to broadleaved woodland, an arboretum, interiors, gardens, stables and stunning views.   And we have a couple of spectacular pubs for lunch afterwards if you’d like to make a day of it.

How much will it cost? Do you have a minimum spend?

See here for general session prices and products
I don’t have a minimum spend – I’m not a hard-sell kind of person.   I hope you’ll love your images, and want to turn them into something tangible that you’ll treasure, but there’s no pressure to do so.   Clients spend anywhere between £700 - £4,000 on prints, frames, albums and other products.

What time of day will we meet?

The best time of day to shoot is early morning (as the sun comes up, or soon after) or in the evening (soon before, or as the sun is setting).   This is the best quality and most flattering light. For babies and very young children, I’m happy to be flexible, as much of the shoot is likely to happen inside.

I’m really unphotogenic and hate being in photographs.. can you concentrate on the children?

I sympathise. The only thing I can say – and I’ve become more evangelical on the subject as the years go by and my children grow in an alarming fashion – is ‘Get In The Photo’. I’ve never seen this explained more persuasively than in this lovely article from the Huffington Post.  Please read it (especially if you’re a mummy). And then we can negotiate!

What should we wear?

Whatever makes you feel great – I want you all to feel comfortable. I’d like the children to feel unfettered & free, and if that means sombreros and tutus, then so be it. You might prefer not to dress in matching ‘family uniforms’ as it can look awkward and forced, but having the whole family in a similar colour scheme looks lovely and works well. Nothing too bright, no overpowering logos or patterns… otherwise, anything goes.

What happens if the weather’s terrible?

Well, it will happen: the UK weather can be unpredictable. We can concentrate the shoot indoors, venturing out whenever possible. In most circumstances it’s still possible to shoot, in wellies if necessary – and due to my own time constraints it’s just not feasible for me to endlessly reschedule shoots.   As Billy Connolly said ‘..there’s no such thing as bad weather – only wrong clothing’.   If it’s REALLY impossible – hurricanes and gale force winds, or perhaps a blizzard… then we can choose a new date together as soon as reasonably possible.

My daughter’s just had chicken pox – will her scars show in the photos?

Children will often choose the day before a shoot to injure themselves but don’t worry - I will remove any marks on your children’s faces that are not permanent.   That includes grazes, spots, milk moustaches and chocolate dribbles. I carry a constant supply of wipes to minimize time spent retouching.   Specialist retouching is also available on request.

What if one of us is ill?

We’ll reschedule, of course. The earlier you can let me know, the better. Same goes for me, though I’m known to have the constitution of an ox.

Do we need to do anything to get ready for the shoot?

Not really, except get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast. You might need to schedule a pep talk to ensure the whole family (that includes your partner) is ready, excited and completely on board and that they know what to expect. You should have snacks, drinks, and changes of clothing with you.

What proportion of black & white images to colour do you shoot, and how many photos will there be?

It doesn’t really matter: all images are shot in colour, but they can be compared in either format at your viewing session and you can decide which you prefer.   You will normally be able to choose from a selection of 50-80 images.

How and when do we pay you?

Once your date is in the diary, I will send an invoice for the session fee by email and you can pay by bank transfer or old-fashioned cheque.   Payments at the viewing session need to be made by cheque.

This all sounds great – what do I do now?

Please complete the availability form here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.   Otherwise you can phone or email me.   I think the contact form and contact page are different things: the former applies to both wedding and portraits, and the latter just portraits.