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I simply can't begin to tell you how brilliant your photographs are, they are just perfection, I am absolutely thrilled and have only just done a couple of rounds of looking at them, I was pretty sure you would be good but just how good I had no idea, I will spend more time carefully looking but at the moment I want the lot…I am beyond pleased.
…The photographs arrived today – I knew they were good but this was simply fantastic, I can’t think of enough superlatives to use, they are truly wonderful and I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!!!  You really are the cleverest and the luck of meeting you at that wet wedding was incredible. I just can’t thank you enough and that lovely white ribbon was a charming touch, it just made it all look so inviting and pretty, very clever idea.

Lady Anne De La Warr




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For a christening: Thank you so so much for spending so long with us on Sunday and for being such an incredibly easy and calming presence. It is amazing how you just get on with things, put everyone at ease and always seem to be in the right place at the right time.  I LOVE the photos!! You are so talented. Your photos always put a smile on my face ( and that is incredible when they include photos of me!)

For a portrait session: I just had to email and let you know how thrilled we all are ( although I hope it was obvious). I quote my father "…those photos are wonderful, truly wonderful. It is incredible to get such good, natural shots of everyone."   My mother is over the moon and extremely excited about getting the albums and frames and I am thrilled that we have got her a present that she is going to love. The photos are such a wonderful snapshot of this time in our lives, and a rare occasion when we are all together. Thank you for exceeding all my expectations and for making me cry (again)!

Lucy Price

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Having long been aware of Hester’s work it gradually dawned on me that I might have to overcome my natural reluctance to be photographed, and the speed at which our daughter was growing up gave us the perfect excuse. It was nothing like the ordeal I had anticipated as Hester is able to put even the most hesitant of subjects at ease.   It was highly enjoyable, creative, gently-paced and resulted in a series of rare and wonderful photographs of her, and of us all together, which we will always treasure.   We were delighted to hear that a set of images from the shoot had subsequently earned Hester a professional award – clearly we weren’t the only ones to love them!

Patricia Morison

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You have been SO amazing through all of this process, and very patient with us! You have given us a wonderful gift through these photos - we never imagined they could be as gorgeous as they are.

Suzannah Hawtin

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Wow wow wow Hester, those images are just beautiful, I started crying when I saw them as just made me so happy. I so adored our hour together and it was so wonderful to see you.

Alice Stileman

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‘There are some that just make me think - wow - I wish I could read all the way through those eyes in to your thoughts my little ones. Eyes that I never want to see sad. Pretty special to have those thoughts arise from a photograph I think: to me - they all tell a story and they capture the girls so very well. Thank you very very much….’

Rachel Carlile

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A huge thank you to you Hester.  There are so many wonderful photographs to choose from.  You have captured the children's beauty, character and sense of fun perfectly.  You were able to engage with us all which has translated into beautifully natural and relaxed photographs.  While the children were our main concern, thank you also for capturing Alex and I looking happy and relaxed - we are not particularly comfortable in front of the camera, but these unexpected photographs are amazing and so much better than I had hoped.

Isabel Winward

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Thank you Hester for a wonderful experience from start to finish. The pictures of Dominic are amazing – they are so natural and you have managed to capture so much of his personality in them.  Your input into what to images to choose and how to have them presented was invaluable and what patience you had when we were making the final decisions!   We are thoroughly delighted with the final product. We will cherish forever the images and those hours spent capturing them. We’ll be back for more when he is a bit older!


Bernadette King

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We have used Hester for two family photo shoots and will definitely be using her for a third. She has an amazing ability to make the whole thing feel like she has popped in for a cuppa and is picking up her camera without thinking about it. The kids love her and the results speak for themselves. When Hester showed me the latest images of our oldest son I burst into tears! She had captured him so perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending Hester. In addition to her wonderful photography skills she is also highly professional, organised and discerning.

Harry Cleverly



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‘Thank you so so much for sending the photos so quickly, when I saw them on the screen the tears flowed! They are stunning and you have captured them both brilliantly, I am truly grateful and appreciative that you were able to do a mini session with them.’

Sue Ferguson

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Hester has photographed our family twice and each time managed to put us all (including the dog) immediately at ease with her gentle but fun style. The resulting pictures are beautiful (even of Mr W whose mother is convinced "he takes a terrible photo!"). They capture the spirit of our family perfectly and will always be much treasured.

Claire Wilmott

Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job photographing Oliver: you have managed to capture his nature perfectly. More importantly they are in a natural setting and have nothing posed or forced about them. We have mounted them in a sequence of three and they look fantastic – thank you so much.

David Coplestone

Hester managed the impossible: to make me look and feel absolutely fantastic just a few weeks before and after giving birth to our twin daughters. She not only has a fabulous eye for composition and light, but also the humour, humanity and calm needed to cope with challenging subject matter! When our daughters were born prematurely they were very fragile, but Hester was endlessly patient, gentle and calm with them I was incredibly impressed that the pictures all looked sensational despite the mother’s fatigue and the babies’ lack of cooperation… they are beautiful, forever capturing an incredible moment in our lives, and have already brought immense happiness and pride to my husband and all the assorted sets of new grandparents. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Patricia de Mesquita

Our children are not the sort to sit still and ‘cheese!’ for the camera, and it’s just as well. They have loved their regular session and seem to respond so well to your sense of fun. For us, your photographs encapsulate their vivacity, energy and spirit in the most magical way and seem to convey something of the excitement and freedom of their unusual childhood and for that we will always be grateful to you.

Mark & Jen Solomon

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful photos. I couldn’t believe how effortlessly you got them to pose for you. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves and it’s clear from the picture that they had such fun that afternoon. We were so pleased with the photos that we are already planning to have some more done next year and will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family.

Jess Bassett

Oh Hester, thank you so much! You’ve really caught the ‘boy’ in Hamish. I know he wasn’t so sure about having his photo taken, but he’s now more keen to look at the images than play computer games. You have such a gift and children seem to warm to you without hesitation.

Tessa Klemz

At work I frequently have to deal with some of London’s top portrait photographers and have wondered how to replicate this at home: I now have the answer. Hester approaches the simplest of shoots with a detailed professionalism that means that even if the sitter is nervous or unprepared she quickly takes charge in a relaxed and understated manner. After our regular sessions the children are extremely relaxed with her and look forward to her visits. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am daily grateful that she has photographed us and our children at key stages in our lives, and that our walls are adorned with wonderful prints.

Frances Adams

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I launched my business cleverlywrapped.com in Sept 2014. In the build up for the launch it was clear that I needed some images of myself for use on the website and also to send to the press.

I knew that as soon as I explained the concept of my business Hester would understand what was required. As expected Hester understood the brief perfectly and captured just the right combination of me at home and me at work. I love her work and I love working with her.


Harriet Cleverly, Founder & CEO, Cleverly Wrapped

From other photographers:

A little piece of sunshine around with you wherever you go to fill in all the little unsightly shadows where I know there must have been shadows!   I have the D700 as well and I know it's amazing in low light but did you get a special deal on yours where you got the camera, a lens and a special sunshine dispenser?

Greg James, wedding photographer and videographer

Your photos are so beautiful, and radiate your calm elegance and warmth.  You have a confidence that is very inspiring (and contagious) and I think people can pick up on that easily, which in turn puts them at ease so quickly.  I've seen you in action and can see how people respond to you. You are amazing..

Sophie Lindsay, fine art photographer