A while before

I remember how overwhelming it was choosing a wedding photographer – it’s a big responsibility.   Presumably you’ve done quite a bit of research by this point, and have followed up recommendations from family, friends and others.   It can be confusing: hopefully you will be clear at least about what you like and don’t like, and whether my style is what you want.   If my fees suit your budget (prices are outlined here), and you like what you see, please get in touch by email.  I’ll need some details from you – date and venue in particular and then I would suggest that we meet in person, mainly because it’s fun talking about all the details, but also because a good rapport is vital.   I’m normally in London part of the week, and am otherwise based in Hampshire so can come to you if convenient.

If you decide to go ahead, I’ll ask for a £500 deposit and a signed contract (the date is not reserved until this is done).  From this point on, please feel free to call or email any time for advice, moral support, good ideas, a chat – I never tire of talking about weddings, and have a bottomless pit of knowledge on the subject!

Just before

About a month before the wedding, I’ll send out your balance invoice and the ‘Bossy Questionnaire’ which will ask for lots of details about the day – what’s happening when, who’s who, where I need to be, what family group shots you’d like, if there are any surprise events, what password you’d like for your online gallery – lots and lots of questions.   It’s called the Bossy Questionnaire because it probably comes over as a bit ‘spreadsheety’ – but I have enough experience to know that military-style planning makes for a relaxed day without you (or me) having to worry about anything.  Armed with this information, I will visit you and the venue/s to make sure every last detail has been discussed and planned (a site visit is rare amongst wedding photographers, but I'm happy to take fewer jobs so I can offer this level of attention to detail).

On The Day

It’s quite likely I’ll be as excited (and as nervous) as you are.   [When I stop being nervous about a wedding job, then I’ll worry – there’s no place for complacency!] I will be around early, capturing the preparations and the lovely intimate atmosphere as you get ready, and will then spend some time with the groom and ushers while they have a quick sharpener at the pub.   Then I’ll be with you as you complete your preparations, and will go ahead of you to the venue so that I’ll be there when you arrive.   Then I’ll be with you throughout the day, or with your guests, or photographing the details and the setting, the family groups, the pets, anything and everything.   All of the important events and moments will be covered, including a chance for you both to escape for a short while to have some photos of you as a couple with no one watching – a quiet, private moment. You’ll love these images – in the middle of the celebrations, having a pause to reflect and observe and be together.   Even though you might be feeling weary at this point, I will encourage and cajole, because they will be images you’ll treasure.


The full set of images will be available online in your password-protected gallery around 2-3 weeks after the event and you’ll be notified with an email and a link.  It can't be much sooner than that I'm afraid as I have too many family/other commitments, but it will be as fast as I can possibly make it, as I know it’s hard to wait.   After that a selection of images will go on the blog.   You will also be able to ‘tag’ and share photos from your wedding in an album on my Facebook page .

Soon afterwards you will receive your high-resolution print-ready image files. If you’ve ordered an album, then I’ll wait to hear which images you’ve chosen before designing a layout and forwarding it to you for approval.   Albums can take up to three months to complete if we need to go back and forth a little to get the design right, but other products (frames, prints etc) are much quicker.